Praise and Victory – What’s the Connection?

Is there a connection between praise and victory? We read a pretty cool example of it in Joshua 6 when Joshua and his men brought down the walls of Jericho by sending their worship leaders to lead the pack. The Psalms are filled with David’s laments as he is chased by a madman (Saul) wanting to kill him. Yet, read the Psalms written by David and you will find almost every one of them end in praise. David turned to praise to gain victory. So, there is Biblical precedent.

The Hebrew language provides even more proof of the connection. In a language far more descriptive and accurate than ours, we find a hidden treasure when it comes to the connection of praise and victory. Take a look:

Interesting, isn’t it! As though the Bible was written to teach us the deep thins of God! (Because it was!)

My favorite part of the article, though, is the encouragement written toward the end:

In contrast with what some people imagine, God does not demand our praises because he is insecure or a megalomaniac – rather it is rightful, fitting, and lifts our eyes to where our help comes from. In praise, our resolve can be strengthened and our confidence in God is boosted, as we remember who He is and what He can do. Our hearts can become full again of gratitude instead of anxiety and fear, and gratitude is one of the best weapons that there is against temptation and the victim mentality which leads us into a sense of wrongful entitlement. Our faith can rise, and our willingness to wait patiently for God’s help expands. Instead of slipping into idolatry as we grasp at straws, we once again see our good Father God, and put our hand safely in his.

~One for Israel, How Praise is Linked to Victory in the Hebrew Language, accessed August 30, 2022

As we face increasingly difficult challenges ahead, may I encourage you to fill your heart with praise, then let it escape through your mouth? Indeed, victory is connected to praise! The more we praise, the more victorious we live! Praise Him with all you’ve got, dear friends!

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