Pleas from Israelis for Biden to Walk Away from the Impending, Dangerous Iranian Nuclear Deal

Friends, the Lord hears our prayers, and I believe He is showing favor to those who are petitioning Him to thwart the really, really bad Iranian nuclear deal the Biden administration seems hell bent on forging.

Those close to the negotiations indicated last week that the deal was on the verge of signatures, yet there has been a reprieve. It is unknow which side is dragging their feet at the moment, by one thing is sure: this deal is a bad idea.

Joe Biden has ignored calls from Israeli leaders, so they have taken to every media outlet they can find to urge their American counterparts not to support Iran by signing the horrid deal. Joel Rosenberg, who has garnered a degree of trust on both sides of the aisle, penned Israeli sentiments to the Biden administration, making known the Israeli resistance to the deal. It is bad for Israel, bad for America and bad for the world. But is Biden listening…and does he even care? Hard to know, but we may find out very soon!

Check out Rosenberg’s open letter to Joe Biden:

Keep praying, dear friends…Israel, our nation and the world are depending on it!

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