The Pursuit of Freedom Lies in Every Human Heart

Our nation’s founding documents echo the Biblical admonition to live free. God’s Word talks about freedom in Christ, which is first and foremost. But freedom in Christ, if lived out, impacts every other area of life.

Stop to consider this: Exactly what drove our founding fathers to establish America? The answer: FREEDOM!

The original brave men and women who made that fateful pilgrimage to a new world (later called “America”) were fleeing tyranny. They wanted freedom from the oppressive crown of England, and right at the top of the list of freedoms sought was freedom to worship as they desired. The church had been overtaken by the crown and believers in Jesus Christ were oppressed. They longed for freedom, and that longing pressed many into making a long, dangerous journey to find it.

They found it in America!

Sadly, as adamantly as those early pilgrims fought for freedom, we have elements in American society today fighting against it. Whether we like it or not, the most prolific opposition today is found in politics. Frankly, I don’t like the word “politics.” It is a dirty word in my mind. Our founders established a nation in which regular people would engage civically. It wasn’t the rich and jaded who held early offices in our nation. It was God-fearing, regular citizens who chose to give themselves to a greater cause.

Civic engagement was our founders’ intent. Politics is what man has done to it.

So, why does it matter, and what do we do about it? In short:

  • It matters because America was blessed by God and given a special calling. Though I don’t believe America is the “end all” in God’s plan of last days, I do believe America holds a “finger in the dyke” of what is to come in the tribulation. To whom much is given, much is required.
  • What we do about it requires more than knowledge. We all KNOW America is a mess, but what do we do? First and foremost, we return to our nation’s founding: we pray like our country depends on it. Because it does. Our early founders relied upon it, and we must return to it. Secondly, we must be involved civically. As believers in Jesus Christ, it should be us who pushes forward right and righteous laws and leaders. If we sit back and do nothing, evil wins. Here are some ways to be involved:
    • If you are not registered to vote, DO SO…then actually get out and vote! Know your deadline and get registered! It is not only an American right, but a Christian responsibility!
    • Election campaigns these days are down and dirty. But DO NOT rely upon what you see or hear on mainstream media or the polls. The political game is to make the other candidate look as bad as possible. Rather, KNOW the candidates. What do they stand for? What principles will guide them? Pay attention to debates and attend local townhalls and events where they speak for themselves. Ask them questions about things that matter to you. (You can do that at some live events, or contact them via their websites.)
    • Know and understand party platforms. THAT is what drives politics. Gone are the days when Democrats and Republicans debate and compromise to craft good legislation. Today, the party with the most seats in Congress will pass whatever legislation they want, regardless of the desires from the other side of the aisle, and their agenda follows their platform. (Case in point: the huge spending bills passed recently with 100% Democrat support and virtually no Republican support.)
      • Hint: In general, today’s Democrat party is far left liberal across the board. They support many things in opposition to Biblical standards. Today’s Republican party is more in line with Christian values such as sanctity of life, traditional/Biblical marriage, parents rights regarding their children, honoring authority, freedom of religion, etc.
    • Finally, don’t get hung up on personalities. True, many of us don’t care for personalities like Donald Trump and many Republicans running today. However, POLICY must always trump personality. Vote for candidates who stand on the right side of issues, regardless of whether or not you like their personality. In some ways, today’s political arena requires candidates to be harsh and tough in order to stand against bureaucracy and make a difference. I don’t like it, and you may not like it, but that is the reality in which we live.

If America is to be the shining “city on a hill” to the rest of the world in these last days, we need a course correction, and we need it now. Frankly, because God blessed America with a strong Biblical foundation, the success of America lies at the feet of us as believers. Will we rise up to represent the One we serve, or will we allow our God-given nation to flounder and eventually fade into history…and watch the world fall into total godlessness?

Eventually, that is exactly what will happen, but will it be on our watch? It’s up to us! What part will you play?

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