God’s Special Calling on Israel, the Church and America

Earlier this year we journeyed through a series called America, Israel and the Church. God has placed special calling on each, and there are lessons to be learned from them. Israel’s calling was, and continues to be, to bless all the families of the earth. God ordained the Jewish people as the vehicle of world redemption, which became possible with the death, burial and resurrection of the Jewish carpenter who died for our sins.

Before Jesus’ resurrection, He encouraged His followers that, upon His ascension into heaven, a Helper would come. (John 16:5-11) Indeed, after Jesus’ resurrection, the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost and the church was born! (Acts 2) God’s calling upon the church, then, was to be the conduit through which God’s blessing of salvation would be spread throughout the world.

God had a specific call for America as well. Our nation’s founders fled Europe because of religious oppression. They were looking for a place to worship freely and follow after God. They believed in the God of the Bible…the God who chose to bless everyone on earth through the Jewish Messiah, and who sent the Holy Spirit to endow wisdom to those who believe.

Thus, America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, with the Word of God being the guiding document. Our nation thrived for almost 200 years, and sent out more missionaries throughout the world than any other nation on earth. But, eventually man thought his own ways were better than God’s. Prayer was thrown out of school, abortion was legalized, immorality became acceptable and illicit drugs were made legal, and our nation quickly began to unravel. Today, America has all but turned her back on the foundational principles that made her great.

Occasionally, I catch Kirk Cameron’s American Campfire Revival, and I have been blessed. Often, he addresses the waning commitment to God’s principles in our world today. In this episode, he nails it! See what you think!

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