The Holy Spirit Never Leaves Us!

This morning we touched upon the fact that Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit once He ascended from this earth. Jesus did not leave us forsaken, but provided the power source for us to live victoriously in this life He gave us!

Life is difficult! The world we live in today is messed up, and is turning more adamantly against Christian values every single day. On top of that, we face challenges of all kinds. Right now I have two good friends dealing with cancer diagnoses. We all know people who are struggling in bad relationships, mental and emotional struggles and addictions of various kinds. Work is stressful. Not working is stressful. Our attention is drawn to so many things. What do we do when adversity crashes in like a tsunami? We would do well, as believers, to engage the power of the Holy Spirit!

Here is a fantastic testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit at work. If you are struggling in life right now (or even if you are not!) I pray you are blessed by this beautiful promise of God. Our Helper is always with us!

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