Exploring Israel – En Gedi

Good morning tour friends! Climb aboard the bus and greet our bus driver with “Boker tov!” (Good morning!) After a short bus ride, we will embark upon a beautiful oasis in the middle of the barren Dead Sea area of Israel.

The Bible tells us of David’s harrowing escapes from King Saul’s attempts to kill him. The caves and waterfalls of En Gedi provided some cover as David hid from his pursuer. It was in one of the caves at En Gedi where a very interesting account of David’s respect for the King who tried to kill him played out in interesting fashion!

Our virtual tour today includes study of that area and events that occurred there. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, it is on to Masada, the place of the Jews’ last stand as the Romans drove them out in 73 AD. The mountain fortress is an incredible site, as well as very significant to the survival of the Jewish people. See you there tomorrow!

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