Exploring Israel – Caesarea Philippi

Today’s site, Caesarea Philippi, was once an altar-infested “gates of hell.” Yet, it was here that Jesus identified Peter as a “little stone,” as opposed to the “large rock” upon which He would build His church. In a sense, this marked the place of Peter’s coronation into understanding God’s power in the church (body of believers). Perhaps it will be your virtual coronation as well! God desires His church to be bold and courageous, and I pray that is true or you!

Now…off the bus and into this beautiful setting.

Say goodbye (or “shalom!) to the Galilee area. We’re now headed south through the Jordan Valley, down to the Dead Sea area.

Are you interested in going to Israel with us in February 2023 to visit these sites, and experience the Lord’s presence in unimaginable ways? There truly is nothing like being in the land of Israel. Something happens in the depths of our being that cannot be explained. I invite you to consider joining us. Find information on our 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, or contact us at Looking4theBlessedHope@gmail.com with your questions. We’re happy to schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss the details!

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