LIFE Matters, and We Must Stand for It!

I totally agree with Pastor Jack Hibbs’ comments below regarding the failure of America’s pulpits and Christians when it comes to defending the unborn. But this isn’t about guilt…it is about action. Consider these words, then determine to be an agent for change!

Statement on the Results of the Kansas Pro Life Amendment Vote From Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Pastor Jack Hibbs

“In Kansas’ primary election on August 2, voters were able to consider a ballot measure that would allow the state legislature to place limits on abortion. Sadly, the measure was rejected.

Once again, the church in America failed. This time in Kansas. Christians cannot allow death to defeat life, silencing the voices of unborn children. Jesus said in John 10:10 that ‘I have come to give you life and that more abundantly, but the devil has come to rob, kill and destroy.’

On this year’s November ballot, California—my home—will be voting on whether or not to enshrine abortion into our state constitution with Proposition 1, and what makes this constitutional amendment exceptionally heinous is that it allows ‘Abortion Without Limitations.’ Pastors are called to save lives in the name of Jesus. Acting timidly and refusing to speak loudly on the side of life is unacceptable. In fact, silence is approval.”

Rise up, Christians! Our time is short and our Father’s business is at stake! Blessings!

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