Israel: The Land of Milk and Honey

Over and over in the Old Testament, the Lord referred to Israel as the land flowing with milk and honey. It was a promise of redemption, and God fulfilled the promise! He redeemed the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, He redeemed them from captivity in Babylon, He redeemed the barren land to make it prosperous, and He redeemed His people from the ashes of the Holocaust.

In fact, take a look at today’s land flowing with milk and honey:

Dear friends, we are visiting the land of milk and honey in February 2023 and we would love for you to join us! Following the pandemic, there is an even greater sense of Israel’s place in the world during these last days, and Christians have renewed longing to see the land and walk where Jesus walked. Our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR 2023 promises to be top quality, and we engage the culture in ways very few will ever experience. We have cut the unnecessary and costly “fluff,” but have maintained quality where it matters: Messianic guides, quality accommodations, and a nice AC and WiFi-equipped tour bus.

We limit our tours to only 30 people, making the tour very efficient and creating a family-type atmosphere. Some people SEE Israel, but we EXPERIENCE Israel! Find more information on our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR 2023 page.

Hope to see you in Israel in February 2023!

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