An Israeli Glimpse of Shavuot

If you are familiar with the seven Biblical feasts, you understand they are God’s calendar, giving us insight into times past and times future! Interestingly, Christians and Jews both celebrate those Biblical events, but with very different perspective. Jews view the feasts as commemoration of their escape from Egyptian slavery. That is not inaccurate. Leviticus 23 certainly harkens to the great events of Jewish history.

Christians, on the other hands, see Jesus as the fulfillment of each of the feasts. For example, while Jews commemorate Passover as the time in history the death angel “passed over” the households who had sprinkled blood on the doorpost, Christians view Jesus as the Passover Lamb who was sacrificed for our sins.

Now, we approach Shavuot, known as Pentecost by Christians. Again, it has dual meaning, depending on whether you view it from a Jewish or a Christian perspective. Find out more about it at To the Jew, it is Shavuot; to Christians, it is Pentecost.

Today is Shavuot! In Israel, here is how they celebrate:

To my Jewish friends, “חג השבועות שמח”  To my Christian friends, “Happy Pentecost!” 

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