Dancing with the Devil

Obama implemented it. Donald Trump dumped it. Biden and his cronies salivate over it.

Of course, we’re talking about the Iran nuclear deal. Dealing with a rogue regime who believes their god-given (yes, little “g”) mission is to destroy Israel is the most senseless and dangerous initiative in which any US president has engaged in recent history. Let’s be honest…if not for incredibly precise covert Israeli operations to damage and sidetrack Iranian progress, it is likely Iran would already have had and used nuclear weapons.

Despite Israel’s efforts, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports that Iran now has 18X the amount of uranium allowed by the Obama-era nuclear deal, in which Iran remains a part. It is believed Iran has over 43 kg, enriched to 60%. To become weapons grade, it must be enriched to somewhere around 90%. As uranium is enriched the 43 kg lessens, but experts believe they have enough uranium to enrich to weapons grade in a matter of days. Some believe Iran lacks a viable delivery vehicle (missile) capable of delivering a nuclear strike, but if so, there are plenty of rogue players willing to “make a deal” for a missile.

With pressure from Israel and US Congress, the Biden administration seems to have backed off on their intent to remove Iran from the terrorist list. In addition, at least one Democratic member of Congress (Bob Menendez) has called for an end to negotiations with Iran. Thankfully, though not as robust as in years gone by, the US Congress (Republicans and Democrats) have maintained a majority when it comes to support of Israel. Whether they know it or not, they are following God’s command to bless Israel! Let’s pray the number of Congressional supporters of Israel grows as a result of this year’s elections!

Finally, for many weeks, Israel has conducted large-scale exercises in every branch of the Israeli military to prepare for potential strikes on Iranian nuclear targets, and to defend the state of Israel.

As former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said at the recent Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, “It’s time for Israel to grow up!” Indeed, as Israel has passed from puberty to adulthood, they now must prepare to stand alone, as Bible prophecy tells us they must do when the invasion from the north begins!

God’s hand is upon Israel. Pray for them to respond as a government, as a military, as citizens and as individuals to His leading. Those who do will find life everlasting!

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