The Coming One World Order…How Close is It?

Virtually every Bible prophecy teacher and follower has heard of the coming One World Order, aka New World Order. In recent years, the “Great Reset” has been the mantra. But Biblically, to what are we referring when we use those terms?

Revelation and other books of Bible prophecy warn of one who will come to rule a united world. That one is the Antichrist and he will set up his government and center of worship in Jerusalem. After duping the Jewish people and the rest of the world into viewing him as the long-awaited savior, the Antichrist will accomplish one world government and one world religion. He will arise promising peace, but will unleash the tribulation upon the earth. After allowing the Jews to rebuild the holy temple on Temple Mount, he will enter in, take his seat upon a throne and demand to be worshipped.

In a nutshell, that is the culmination of One World Order. But today, we have very wealthy, highly influential people driving the One World agenda. They want to establish centralized, worldwide government and monetary systems in order to exercise control over the whole earth.

Perhaps it sounds like a fairytale. Perhaps it sounds very futuristic. But is it?

We could talk about many signs of it today, but there is a very telling signal happening this very moment. Having come out of the coronavirus pandemic, most everyone has heard of the World Health Organization (WHO). The medical oversight arm of the United Nations, here are some things to know about WHO:

  • 190+ nations are associated with WHO.
  • According to March 2020 statistics, the US financially contributes twice as much to WHO than any other nation on earth. (Almost $116 million.)
  • China is the second largest contributor (~$57.5 million), but is the most highly influential nation to WHO.
  • China’s President Xi Jinping virtually single-handedly propelled radical Marxist, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to Director-General of WHO.
  • In turn, Dr Tedros and WHO successfully covered for China’s devastating release of COVID-19.
  • The WHO coordinates closely with American health organizations such as the FDA, CDC, NIAID, NIH and large pharmaceutical companies.

Need I say more?

But here is the crucial part: the WHO’s governing body, the World Health Assembly, is meeting right now in Geneva, Switzerland, where potentially dramatic votes will be held. None more shocking than proposed amendments by the Biden administration that would hand over US sovereignty to the WHO when it comes to health concerns. For example, if those amendments are passed, Director-General Tedros could unilaterally decide to shutdown all effected nations in the event of another pandemic! No sovereignty to nations or states.

Read more details here:

Friends, there is still much to uncover and learn about this development. The intent is not to sensationalize this action, but rather to exhort us to open our eyes wide to the globalist agenda. This is just part of a bigger plan!

In that vein, is it surprising to you that liberal Democrats seem to be content to do nothing different, though it seems apparent they could get clobbered in the midterm elections? Could it be they are conceding American leadership in order to dive full in with the globalists agenda? After all, if they can drive healthcare to the WHO, what other sovereignty are they willing to give up in return for global power?

“And now is a time when things are shifting.  We’re going to — there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it.  And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

~Joe Biden,, accessed 5/24/2022

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