Day 4: 31 Days of Prayer for Israel – Secular to Saints

I am thrilled by how many are participating in our 31 Days of Prayer for Israel this month, and I pray it is a blessing to you. God’s command to us is to bless Israel, and perhaps the most important thing we can do from afar is to pray faithfully for the nation and fervently for the souls of Jews, Arabs and Palestinians who live in Israel. Today is day 4, so step inside your prayer closet and let it fly!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.

~Matthew 5:6

It’s culturally acceptable in Israel to be an atheist or to explore all sorts of New Age pagan religions and still be deeply connected to Jewish culture. While belief in Buddha, or in no god at all, is acceptable, believing in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah is not. Many who have accepted Jesus, or who are on the brink of salvation, reach out to One for Israel for help because they are struggling with rejection and prejudice from their family members and friends, including from non-religious or secular Israelis.

Many atheists have contacted OFI’s ministry team who came back to faith in the God of Israel through our Messiah, but now face criticism and hostility from secular family members and friends. Somehow it’s more culturally acceptable to reject the God of Israel than to embrace the Jewish Messiah, yet many are hungry and thirsty to know their God.

Today, pray for all Israelis to hunger and thirst for truth – and find it! Israelis are very tech savvy and OFI reaches out via social media to reach them. Take a look:

Be a Romans 11 Christian! If you’re not sure what that is, why not read that chapter each day for a week. It will surely boost your prayer time for Israel!

(Narrative and diagram provided by One for Israel’s Pray for Israel: 31-Day Prayer Guide.)

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