What if a Modern Black Robe Regiment Rose up in America?

Like most countries in the world today, America is leaderless and being tossed to and fro in a sea of moronic wokeness and immoral ideology. Driven by the winds of one world order, our society is becoming more and more lawless and more and more evil every day. A great reset is being perpetrated by the super wealthy, whose goals include reducing world population and forcing the general population to become dependent upon them. The ultimate control!

What seems lost in it all is the fact this is a spiritual problem, not simply a political or cultural one. Nothing happening today is a surprise to God, nor is it outside of what Bible prophecy tells us will happen in the last days. Believing the next favorable election will remedy the problem, or that a new president will come riding in on a white horse to save the day is just wishing upon a star! Yes, we are to engage, but our faith must be grounded in God, not in our government.

If examined, American history gives us clear examples of that. Our founding fathers built our nation on Biblical principles, and early patriots sought the guidance of God Almighty as they fought for our existence as a nation. To whom did they turn? To strong pastors, who led them in dependence upon the Almighty!

Yes, pastors who were not only leaders of their congregations, but also moral motivators and spiritual shepherds. They were men of courage who stood up to the tyranny of their time. Their sermons were Bible-based, and often filled with calls for liberty….liberty in Christ and liberty as citizens of a new land. It was these men who led in battle, and the men of their congregations who became the “minutemen,” ready to defend liberty at all times! Historian Tom Barrett said:

“I do not consider it a stretch at all to say that were it not for the pastors and churches of colonial America, our land would be a British colony today.”

~The Forgotten Holiday

These men earned the moniker “Black Robe Regiment,” and I wonder what it might be like if America’s pastors of today modeled themselves after that regiment of colonial pastors. Just as important, what if American Christians fell into position behind such leaders? Might we see the power that worked in America’s formative years return in our desperate times of lacking leadership today? (An interesting read regarding the Black Robe Regiment.)

Here is one pastor with such conviction. What do you think?

Let’s pray for our pastors, that boldness would overcome them like a tsunami. Likewise, let’s pray, committing ourselves to “armor up” and follow bold leadership. Our nation and our Biblical values are worth fighting for. Rise up Black Robes!

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