Ezekiel 38 is Familar…but are You Familiar with Ezekiel 37?

Ezekiel 38 has become familiar and very popular for those who study Bible prophecy. And for good reason! It is the chapter in which the prophet Ezekiel reveals the vision God gave him of a coalition led by Gog of Magog that will one day invade Israel from the north. Bible students who understand the etymology (study of the origin of words) of that chapter know that Russia, Turkey and Iran are clearly named as the attackers, and will be joined by at least two North African nations. Ultimately, the Lord rises to defeat Israel’s enemies.

Interestingly, the stage is being set for that prophecy, as we see the “big three” taking up positions in Syria (just across Israel’s border), having plenty of motive, and showing their disdain for the Jewish state. It’s coming soon.

But, what leads up to that now-famous Bible prophecy? Well, the last time I looked, chapter 37 precedes chapter 38, so perhaps we should take a look at that chapter. After all, it details the most important sign of the last days! Without what happens in Ezekiel 37, neither Ezekiel 38 nor any other end time prophecy could be fulfilled!

Find out what the now-partially-fulfilled prophecy of Ezekiel 37 has to say:

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