A Look Back: Jewish Passover and Christian Easter – Are the Two Related?

A question that often arises during Passover season is: Is Easter related in any way to the Jewish Passover? The answer: No…but, yes!

The commonality is Yeshua (Jesus)! Neither holy day would truly be holy without Him! For Jews, Passover was the day the death angel “passed over” every home whose doorpost was sprinkled with the blood of a lamb. For Christians, Jesus is our sacrificial Passover Lamb!

So, the two must be celebrated in the same season, but why aren’t they celebrated simultaneously? Well, sometimes (like this year!) they are. This past Friday was Good Friday on the Christian calendar, and Passover on the Jewish calendar. Usually, though, these holy days do not align.

To find out why they don’t always coincide, and to understand the significance of Passover, take a look at this fascinating article:

2 thoughts on “A Look Back: Jewish Passover and Christian Easter – Are the Two Related?

  1. D B

    Fantastically written thank you for sharing Kym, sad that “christian’s” would ever think their belief justified killing. Sounds a bit like the reverse of the Apostle Paul.

    May it be that Christ Followers everywhere learn and quickly, that we don’t replace the Jews and that we as Believers are one body no distinction between us…

    Blessings, D

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