Is it Okay to Kill Babies? Some in CA Think So!

The Bible tells us that in the last days lawlessness will flourish. There was a time in Israel’s history where pagan worship included heating up the bronze arms of Molech to red-hot heat and placing babies in the arms of that pagan god as a sacrifice. I can think of no greater lawlessness than brutally killing babies, yet we see it in our country and around the world.

For decades the legality of aborting babies (killing them in the womb) has been hotly debated and the US Supreme Court is even now deciding whether or not it will remain legal in our country to do so. The fact we have to debate this is troubling enough. But it gets worse…

On the west coast, California legislators are going a step further. There is a bill in the CA assembly right now that would make killing babies AFTER BIRTH legal. Yes, you read that right! If the mother physically births a baby and decides she doesn’t want to keep it, this bill would allow physicians, at the request of the mother, to kill that newborn baby (up to several days after birth).

I don’t know about you, but I get literally sick to my stomach thinking about such cruel infanticide. Furthermore, what begins in California will almost assuredly creep across the country if this lawlessness is allowed to pass.

The bill, AB2223, has already been heard and passed by the judiciary committee and will be heard by the health committee in the California statehouse tomorrow (April 19). If you live in California and can get to Sacramento, please join with thousands who are gathering there to protest murder. (Click here for details.) If you cannot get to the capital, please make a phone call to your California elected officials and voice your protest of AB2223. (Find your elected officials and contact info here.) You elect your representatives and they work for you, and they need to hear from you!

If you live outside California, please join me and hundreds of thousands in prayer and fasting tomorrow for the lives of babies.

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move so strongly among those at the capital that legislators are overwhelmed by a spirit they may not even know.
  • Pray for wisdom and for courage of legislators actively debating this bill to stand strongly for righteousness and morality.
  • Pray for Pastor Jack Hibbs (an abortion survivor) and others who will testify before the committee, that they will speak forthrightly and boldly, and that God will honor their testimony.

Friends, this is serious. Please be part of the effort. If we don’t stand now, will there be a chance to stand later?

“All that evil needs to do to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

~Sir Edmund Burke

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