Passion Week Meditations: Resurrection Sunday

He is risen….He is risen indeed! We say it boldly and proudly on Resurrection Sunday, but do we stop to deeply consider all this day (and those leading up to it) entails? Did you know Jesus made at least 5 very specific visitations to people on this day, revealing Himself as the Risen Savior? Have you heard of John and Peter’s race to the tomb after being told by the women it was empty?

Oh, what a day it was! So, let’s spend one more day with Dr Bill Barrick (Board Chair of Canyon Ministries) as he shares special insight about Resurrection Day! (All Passion Week posts are found here: Palm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.)

If you do not know Jesus, the hero of this weeks’ meditations, why not now? Jesus promises eternal life to anyone who believes in Him with their heart and confesses Him as the Risen Lord with their mouth. Salvation is offered to everyone, and faith in Him is the only way one enters heaven. Are you ready to meet Him?

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