How do You Respond to Today’s News?

War in Ukraine. Test missiles fired by North Korea. Iranian suicide drones. Russian threats of nuclear weapons. Soaring gas prices. China’s threat to Taiwan. Leaderless nations. Deception and lies galore.

Some are freaked out, others are worried. Some panic, while others stick their head in the sand. Often we are saddened or even angry. Reactions are all over the board.

But with trust in God’s Word, there is no reason for believers to worry or be stressed out! Those who know Bible prophecy, know that Russia will rise to power while the US and Europe will become virtual non-players on the world’s stage. In fact, Scripture warns not only about wars and rumors of wars, but about natural disasters, pestilences, and famine. We’re seeing it all play out.

How does one live in peace and contentment amidst the perils of this world? There is only one answer: Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. It is only those who enjoy a personal relationship with Him who can know and experience the supernatural peace that only He can bring!

There is no need to fear. Follow the news if you wish, but submerse yourself in God’s Word. Not only is it more accurate than today’s news, but our encouragement is found there. The enemy of our souls is busy deceiving, and would love to draw you into worldly news and worldly reactions to it. Don’t buy into His ways, dear ones! Commit to spend quality time in the God’s Word and in quiet contemplation and prayer with Jesus. He is a deep well of peace!

Friend, if you have not yet yielded to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and do not yet know Him personally, today is the day of salvation. Our world has turned a corner and life as we know it will likely never return to “normal.” Each passing month and year will make the previous one seem like a walk in the park. If you do not know Jesus, you will have no anchor in the storms that will come. Give your life to Him today!

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