Should US Congress Push “Gender Equality” in the Name of Aid to Ukraine?

Just when we think the US Congress has stooped to it’s lowest level ever, we find they have an even lower level of evil! Congress is beginning the process of considering a “grab bag” bill of woke ideology, not the least of which are loopholes to allow men who “identify as women” to enter battered women’s shelters! In addition, Planned Parenthood would benefit greatly by this bill, despite covering up sexual abuse and sex trafficking (against the “intent” of the bill).

Oh, and by the way…

Congress plans to include aid to Ukraine in this grab bag, hoping to lure those easily swayed by the emotion of the Ukrainian crisis to vote for a bill that will do much too little to help the citizens of Ukraine, and much too much to endanger battered women, female athletes and others highly impacted by the “gender equity” propaganda.

Let’s get off the sideline and take action, friends! Your Senators and Representative need to hear from you! Learn more from the Family Research Council, and take quick action here:

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