Are We Being Lied to about Ukraine?

Friends, it seems we’re being lied to constantly about many things. Is Ukraine one of them?

First, let’s be clear. Deception is a sign of the end times. It should not take us by surprise since God’s Word has warned us for centuries. But, when lies and deception increase exponentially, and when there are so many lies it is difficult to know and understand what is true and what is not, we must suspect we are living in last days.

So, what are the lies regarding Ukraine? Plain and simple: there is a greater agenda behind Russia’s invasion, and world leaders have either bought into that agenda, are clueless about the agenda, or are a part of it! Thus, the big lie is being perpetrated…and most everyone is buying into it.

I encourage you to hear one of America’s most attuned pastors, then hear from Joseph Bondarenko, a Soviet Ukrainian-born man who became a Christian, only to be arrested and imprisoned by the KGB. Today, he has quite a story of God’s faithfulness…and some insight into Russia’s agenda in Ukraine today.

Enjoy the entire Sunday morning service if you can. If not, catch Pastor Jack Hibbs’ comments beginning at 31:55 and Joseph Bondarenko’s intriguing testimony and comments beginning at 38:30. There is great encouragement at the end.

Decide for yourself whether or not we are being lied to about Ukraine. Enjoy!

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