A Sign of the Times: Deception

We live in a world that has been brewing deception for millennia, and it seems to be fully steeped in our generation.  God’s Word warns us in multiple ways and in multiple places that deception and delusion will characterize the last days.

Deception is built on lies.  Tell them often enough and many will become deceived, particularly if the lies are perpetuated by powerful and influential people.  Stop to consider what Hitler and his minions did leading up to and during the Holocaust.  They lied to the people from public stages…over and over and over again!  They purportedly moved Jews to ghettos and isolated them in order to “protect” them! 

The Third Reich did everything possible to convince Jews they had their best interests at heart.  Yet, they rounded up Jewish people like animals, crammed them in cattle cars and shipped them to concentration camps and crematoriums.  By the time Jews realized what was happening, they were already caught in the web.  When leaders in the highest positions of government deceive people, there are severe consequences.

Overlay those truths with what’s going on in America.  Leaders at the top of our government are telling us they have our best interests in mind.  Yet, they lie to us about the costs of outrageous policies, they force masks and vaccines while promising just one more shot will do the trick, they tell us everything went according to plan in Afghanistan, they tell us our nation is racist and that drugs, guns and criminals coming across the border are no big deal.  All of these things will make America better!

For practically a year, we’ve heard the multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better bill is going to do wonders for the country.  Congressional leaders have our best interests in mind…so they say!  Yet, thankfully, Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) have opposed it, blocking their party’s ability to “help us” by passing a bill that increases our debt and inflates our economy.  They have strung it out for weeks, knowing Manchin will not stand for it. 

But could another deception be in the making? Consider this…

Why did they string out negotiations?  Not to convince Manchin to change his mind (they knew early on he wouldn’t), but perhaps to negotiate something far more sinister.  Behind closed doors, have leading leftists agreed to “sacrifice” the liberal spending bill to Manchin in return for his buy in to the most important piece of legislation on the liberal agenda: a bill designed to allow the federal government to take over our election system?  News is beginning to leak that seems to indicate that as a possibility! (Here is one such opinion.)

So it is worth keeping an eye on Joe Manchin. Will he remain steadfast to rational thinking and stand firm against another totally leftist agenda, or will he turn tables (to stay in good graces with the Democrat party and gain a position of power) and suddenly become a champion of the leftist’s socialist agenda to totally change the US Constitution, which clearly authorizes states, not the federal government, to run elections?  Should that change, America as we know it will change in a heartbeat.

(UPDATE 3/6/2022: Thankfully, Joe Manchin has remained steadfast and seemingly clear thinking since December 2021, and has not been swayed to work with his party to change election laws. Pray for him, asking God to grant bold strength in the face of pressure from his political party.)

Friends, we could go on for hours providing examples of deception, not only in America, but in the world.  From an earthly perspective, it is often difficult to know what or who to believe any more!

But, why are we surprised?  This is exactly what the Bible says will occur in the last days.  According to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-11, the lawless one (Antichrist) will come “with all unrighteous deception.”  Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44) and is out to deceive God’s people by speaking lies through those in powerful positions! Those in powerful positions often accept that assignment all too fully.

But, dear Bible students, press into 1 John 1:18-23!  The apostle John writes that we are in the last hour and many antichrists (preceding THE Antichrist!) are among us, doing what they do: spreading lies.  Yet, we have an anointing from the Holy One, and we know the truth!  Take courage, then, as you follow our Lord Jesus Christ!  I believe He will give us discernment to see through the lies and deception, and will save us from the strong delusion that will characterize those who are snared by lies! 

Yes, the example here is governmental in nature.  But if we are fooled by government leaders, how much easier will it be to be fooled by the father of lies!?!  Cling to the truth of God’s Word, my friends!  That is done only by opening it and meeting our Lord Jesus face-to-face there.  It is a MUST is the days in which we live.

Helpful hint about being in God’s Word: Start in one of Paul’s letters, pick a verse or a short passage each morning and take it with you throughout the day. Memorize it, write it on a card or put it in your phone.  You will be astonished how God will cause that verse or passage to come alive!  You can do this!  Let’s seek the Way, the TRUTH and the Life (John 14:6), so the father of lies cannot deceive us!

PS: Please check back later today. Lest we forget that our Lord has faithful servants in key positions in our nation, we’ll hear some very encouraging words uttered in our nation’s capital.

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