Amidst Deception and Evil Intent in Our Government, God Still has Faithful Servants in High Places!

This morning we considered deception in our nation and the world. Exactly what God’s Word tells us will happen in the last days. If you missed it, check out A Sign of the Times: Deception.

While we must remain wise about the warnings given to us in Scripture, we are also wise to remember God’s faithfulness to us as we endure treacherous times ahead. As believers, we are remnants of hope as we proclaim salvation and encourage others with truth.

We see so much evil intent in our government today, but God has a remnant there, too! Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma is one faithful servant the Lord has planted in the Senate. Pick up this video at the 9:45 mark to hear Senator Lankford quote Scripture right there on the Senate floor!

Praise God for Christian Senators and Representatives who stand firmly on the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Be encouraged, and please pray for them as they serve us in our nation’s capital.

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