Irony Growing in US Halls of Congress

Crazy! Oil and gas fuel Russia’s economy and America is spending BILLIONS on it…even though the US was the world’s largest producer of oil and gas only 18 months ago. That needs to stop!

Thursday, I heard a brief portion of a press conference by a bipartisan, bicameral group of US lawmakers in Washington DC. It was an interesting press conference with an interesting group of people.

Both Republicans and Democrats stood together to announce a bill sponsored by WV Senator Joe Manchin that is intended to stop all imports of oil, gas, coal and other energy from Russia. Many believe that cutting off energy imports from Russia (particularly if the world follows our lead), will, perhaps, cripple Russia’s economy and destroy the financial underpinnings of Moscow’s war effort. Some think, “Finally! The US is going to take strong action against Russia.”

But, will that really happen? While I’m hopeful there is success in this effort, I am not very confident it will happen. Why?

If the US cuts off imports of Russian energy and many others in the world follow suit, Russia will, presumably, not have anyone to whom to sell energy. Yet, many Bible scholars believe Israeli oil and gas may be the hook in Russia’s jaw (Ezekiel 38:4) that draws Russia and the coalition named in that chapter to attack Israel from the north.

If no one is importing Russian oil and gas, then why would Russia come after Israel’s oil and gas? At that point, Russia wouldn’t need more oil and gas, they would need someone to sell it to! How about Iran, China, North Korea and other rogue nations.

How will this work out in light of Bible prophecy? It’s obviously too early to tell, but it is definitely worth keeping our eyes on. Something will indeed draw Gog of Magog from the far reaches of the north down into the hills of Israel. Ezekiel tells us that! How will it happen? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, pray for the Ukrainian people, and pray that the evil plans of a thug (Putin) are thwarted.

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