Israeli Almond Blossoms Tell us Spring is on the Way!

Image result for almond blossom israel
Almond Blossoms

Every year in Israel almond trees announce the coming of spring! Always the first to blossom, they put forth beautiful white leaves with pinkish centers, filling the landscape with the freshness of a new season!

But did you know there is strong Biblical significance to the blossoming of the almond trees? For one, it is a shadow of the resurrection. Just as Jesus rose from the dead to bring us new life, blossoms springing forth following the barren winter season are a reminder that God makes all things new.

Secondly, almond blossoms play a prominent part in what is perhaps the most distinctly Jewish symbol: the menorah. There are rich Biblical truths about the almond tree and its blossoms, and the symbolism it holds for those of us who call Jesus our Messiah!

If you’re interested, Amir Tsarfati released a teaching a couple years ago, describing the Biblical significance much more eloquently than I could. If you love to watch your Bible come alive as you observe common things of this world, I encourage you to take the time to hear this teaching! You will have new appreciation for what the Jewish menorah and it light represents, and you will never view an almond blossom the same! Enjoy!

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