Will God’s Goodness Go Full Circle?

During the Holocaust, Jews in Europe were murdered by the millions. While many ignored the plight of the Jews as they were marched to gas chambers or firing lines, a few risked their own lives to save Jews. Perhaps you have heard the big names such as Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist who employed then saved roughly 1,200 Jewish people.

But, what about Mrs Nina Bogorad or Mr Nazarenko? They live in obscurity, and during the Holocaust, they were heroes-in-secret. They were Ukrainians who risked their own lives to save the lives of Jews! The State of Israel and Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum have recognized almost 28,000 people from over 50 different nations who saved the lives of Jews. They are called Righteous Among the Nations, and 2,673 were Ukrainians.

Today, only 17 (all in their 90’s) still live in Ukraine, and are now in peril as Russia invades and bombards Ukraine. Earlier this week, a list of the Righteous was passed along to Israel’s Foreign Ministry and plans are being made to extract them from danger.

“We knew we had to act fast and decisively to ensure that we have every possible chance to be of assistance to these heroes, just as they were to us,” said Jonny Daniels, founder and executive director of From The Depths.

~Jerusalem Post, February 24, 2022

So, will God’s grace come full circle? I certainly hope so! Let’s pray for God’s great mercy and favor upon those working to extract those heroes. Pray, also, for their peace as they watch their beautiful, beloved country being destroyed.

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