Say “No!” to Abortion and to Male Participation in Women’s Sports!

Friends, part of living in these last days is standing for righteousness when lawlessness and evil continually invade our world. God’s Word teaches us to “occupy till He comes!”

Abortion is murder, and creation of male and female is certainly a foundational truth taught in Genesis. Yet, the enemy of our souls loves to denigrate those truths. Here is your chance to take a stand for righteousness! The American Family Association sponsors two current petitions. One urges our Senators to vote “No” on an abortion bill, and the other is to tell the NCAA to return to the biological identity of men and women, each competing with those of the same God-given, biological identity.

The Bible is clear on both of these issues, and it takes only a moment to send a message that the righteous do not stand for unrighteousness! Take two moments to make your voice heard.

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