A Sneak Peek at Ambassador Friedman’s New Book Detailing the Making of the Abraham Accords

Let’s start with an honest confession. I’m a geek of both American and Jewish history, having studied both in depth and with great interest. So, when I claim that the best foreign policy staff in US history was that of President Trump, I don’t do so lightly. You may disagree…and that’s okay. But what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, and the entire team who negotiated the Abraham Accords achieved during that administration is nothing short of extraordinary.

For those of us who know and understand (at least to some degree) the importance of Judaism to our Christian roots and to America’s founding, and who love the truth of God’s Word, we cannot deny the importance of America’s partnership with Israel. Indeed, the Bible clearly declares blessings upon those who bless Israel and curses upon those who don’t! (Genesis 12:3) The Trump administration, especially those involved with foreign policy, seemed to understand that Biblical principle.

The Abraham Accords were successfully crafted and executed because that group refused to keep trying the same ‘ol failed policies, hoping they would produce different results. Instead, they took a sledgehammer to the old plans and turned the Middle East upside down with a brand new plan most thought would spark major conflict.

Yet, it didn’t. In fact, it accomplished peace between Israel and several moderate Sunni Muslim countries in the region. No one, other than those policy pioneers and a few radical, Bible-believing Christians, believed it would happen.

Now, Ambassador Friedman has written a book detailing how it all occurred. An incredibly brilliant and articulate man, Friedman undoubtedly will lay out the story in vivid detail with plenty of fascinating, behind-the-scenes commentary. The book will release on February 8.

Meanwhile, Joel Rosenberg, who also published a very detailed peak behind the curtain of the peace agreements, was granted first release of the prologue of Friedman’s book, Sledgehammer: How Breaking with the Past Brought Peace to the Middle East. Reading it caused my literary taste buds to water!

These two men both have unique and fascinating insight into the making of the Abraham Accords. Here is how to get your hands on them:

For every American/Israel history nerd out there, these books should adorn your “to read” list! They are on mine! (I’ve already read Enemies and Allies…and I couldn’t put it down!)

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