Righteousness Wins a Huge Victory in California!

News just broke that AB 1400, a very radical healthcare bill in California, was just defeated because God moved through His people!

What does it take for good people to make righteous changes in our local, state and federal government? Simply this: taking a stand and making our voices heard!

This is a fantastic example. Even in one of the most liberal states in America, the voices of God’s people, seeking to do righteousness, are heard, and the mighty hand of our great God moves! Seek righteousness, speak up for it, and watch what God will do! Let’s follow this example.

Is there ungodly or freedom-killing legislation moving through your state house? If so, be brave, pick up the phone, call your representatives and let them know three things:

  1. You stand for righteousness (express your position on the issue!),
  2. You vote, and
  3. You will be watching to see how they vote!

“I don’t know how to reach my representatives.”

No problem…here’s how to find out:

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