A Thought for Today from CS Lewis

Hi gang! I’m going a bit off script today because I ran across a very profound quote by CS Lewis. It is not one we should apply to someone else, but should stand as a mirror before each of us individually for self-inspection. Please take a moment to read and contemplate slowly and with an attitude of introspection and repentance. I think we can all benefit from it!

“When people argue, they often make implicit appeals to a standard of behavior that they expect the other person to know about. For example, they’ll say things like, “That’s not fair!” or “You should have known better!” Without question, we all expect each other to behave a certain way. And whenever we argue, attempts are made to hold each other accountable. Of course, instead of denying that there is a moral standard when we’re accused of violating it, we invariably claim that we haven’t really violated it after all, or we make up some kind of excuse for our behavior. Such responses only underscore the point—there is a standard of behavior above and beyond our personal preferences, and each of us knows it. Just as physical objects are governed by the law of gravity, so man’s behavior is governed by the law of morality. The key difference is that man has a choice to either obey or disobey the moral law. Nevertheless, we have all failed to consistently practice the kind of behavior we expect from others. The fact that we all know the moral law (and break it, anyway) serves as a striking indication of what reality is really like. There is a moral dimension to the universe that one wouldn’t expect unless something like Christian theism is true.”

~ C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (copied from 1/3/2022 Facebook post of Pastor Jack Hibbs)

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