Israel Defense Minister in US for Talks Today

Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, is in Washington DC today to discuss possible military exercises if nuclear talks with Iran fail (as it seems they most surely will). Meanwhile, according to a Reuters report, Iranian leaders still contend they are working to master nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. (All who believe that, please stand on your head!)

The Biden administration seems totally dismayed that Iran has snubbed them at the negotiating table in Vienna. Despite no American presence in the room (due to President Trump’s decision to pull out of the terrible nuclear deal in 2018), it is clear that the current administration set their sights on drawing Iran back into a deal that surely would have left Iran holding all the bargaining chips. Thankfully, no deal seems imminent.

However, that leaves a big dilemma. What are Israel, the US and the international community to do with Iran, now that it is widely known the Iranians are enriching uranium to near weapons-grade quality? Thus, Defense Minister Gantz’s visit to America.

Will Joe Biden and his ragtag team of military experts who failed miserably in Afghanistan have what it takes to even devise a viable military option? Given that many of Iran’s nuclear facilities are now well-entrenched in underground facilities, will the US at least make the bunker-busting Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), a 30,000-pound bomb, available to the Israelis? What about other military aid or assistance?

Meanwhile, the IDF is planning what could be their largest military drill ever, inviting allied nations to join them in Iranian-specific simulation of an airstrike. They anticipate multiple fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, and a wide variety of other aircraft from several nations. It is believed the drills will take place in a 600 mile range over the Mediterranean, simulating the distance necessary to attack Iran.

Is it all just strong signaling in hopes of curtailing Iran’s nuclear progress, or are Israel and their allies serious about an attack? Are these drills a true attack plan or a decoy to distract the Iranians while Israel and others attack covertly? Israel may have the firepower to do considerable damage to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but do they have the defenses necessary at home to protect against the barrage of missiles that would undoubtedly rain down from Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere terrorist proxies are operating?

A very key question: Will the US take a stand with Israel, or will they leave Israel to stand alone?

America faces many challenges, but two Biblical principles seem to hang in the balance if America has any hope of escaping imminent judgment:

  1. In which direction will our Supreme Court go in the Dobbs v Jackson decision? Will we continue to murder unborn children and call it acceptable? If so, at what point will our Sovereign God say, “Enough is enough” and remove His hand of blessing from our nation? The Bible is clear: God HATES the sacrifice of children.
  2. Will America abandon Israel? Scripture tells us such a day is coming, but must it be now? If so, Genesis 12:3 will become very poignant: those who fail to bless Israel will fail to be blessed.

America teeters on the brink! Will you become a prayer warrior today and ask God to grant wisdom to our nations’ leaders as they meet with their Israeli counterparts? Will you implore the God of heaven to hear the prayers of the righteous and to guide us in the way we should go? Will you commit to pray for our nine Supreme Court Justices? Will you “plead our case” before heaven’s throne, asking for the lives of unborn children to be saved?

These are battles worth fighting, my friends. BTW, stay tuned because good news coming…!

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