Speak up Americans!

It is important to exercise our GOD-given liberties, and it is not okay for others to strip them from us. Unfortunately, our current US administration is working overtime to destroy every vestige of liberty and freedom, including what we put into your own bodies.

As you know, Biden issued a mandate, forcing all employees to be vaccinated, and holding employers responsible to enforce it. That pits employees against employers! Subsequently the courts put a stay on Biden’s mandate, and by law, citizens must be given 30 days to comment before a final court decision is made regarding the mandate.

Understand, this is not about whether a person should or should not take a vaccine. That is a personal choice. This is about being MANDATED to do so. Every person has the right to decide for themselves how to care for their own body. Neither Joe Biden nor any government agency has the right to tell us how to do so.

This is your chance to speak up!

It takes less than 60 seconds and numbers count! Please take a moment to speak up!

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