Is Saudi-Israeli Peace Possible or Will Biden Find a Way to Bungle Another Foreign Policy?

Because of the brilliant groundwork that culminated in the Abraham Accords, Joe Biden has an opportunity for a gigantic foreign policy win. Negotiators who brought about the Accords teed up an opportunity for the Biden team to knock out of the park. But will they do so, or will they swing and miss, as they have done on virtually every other foreign policy issue?

Saudi Arabia is the crown jewel of what could be the most astounding set of peace agreements ever in the Middle East. Currently, the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan have joined the Accords, in peace with Israel. To add Saudi Arabia to the mix would be a huge foreign policy win for Biden, but will Saudi Arabia be next?

Courted by the Americans and Israelis during negotiations, Saudi Arabia failed to enter the Abraham Accords before Trump left office. That left the trophy fish for Joe Biden to reel in when he took his seat in the Oval Office. Yet 10+ months in, Biden is batting .000 when it comes to foreign policy and there are no signs that his team has made the same push to gather in the Saudis, as the previous administration did. But their chance is now.

Will Biden take another foreign policy stumble, or will he come to his senses long enough to bring Saudi Arabia into the fold?

At least one person, a very respected one, believes the Saudis will join the Accords under Biden’s watch, and that it could be the foreign policy victory so badly needed by the failing Biden administration. Joel Rosenberg comments in an interview/podcast released by Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper. Here is his prediction, in his own words:

Time will tell whether the Biden administration can even get out of the batter’s box when it comes to scoring a foreign policy victory. I’m hoping for a win…but I’m not holding my breath.

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