The Dangerous Biden Effect on Iran’s Aggressive Nuclear Ambition

Israel forges ahead in building relationships with Abraham Accord partners while keeping a close eye on Iran. Unfortunately, thanks to the Biden administration, Israel has much more to keep an eye on than ever before.

While Iran continues their full-court press to build nuclear bombs, and their incessant attempts to build up their military presence on Israel’s border, Joe Biden and his team are content to remove key sanctions on Iran and turn a blind eye to violations of the weak conditions of the JCPOA, negotiated by the Obama/Biden administration. To put it simply, when it comes to America’s and Israel’s national security, Biden and his team are either totally inept, don’t care, or are purposefully attempting to destroy Israel and America as we know them.

Preposterous? Think again. Since Biden took office:

  • Iran’s currency reserves have increased 8-fold. At the height of Trump’s “Maximum Pressure Campaign” (January 2020, just before leaving office), Iran has a measly $4 billion in currency reserves. Today, thanks to lifted (or ignored) sanctions, Iran is selling record amounts of crude oil to China and others, and has built currency reserves to $31 billion in only 10 months.
  • Being a major importer from Iran, China has jumped in bed with Iran to work together on economic and military matters, to the tune of a 25-year, $400 billion commitment by China to pump up Iran’s economy in exchange for Iranian oil. That alone creates huge, unnecessary challenges to national security of both Israel and America, not to mention China’s intent to take over America’s position as the world’s #1 superpower. It will be like taking candy from a baby if dramatic changes in US foreign policy are not implemented.
  • The US administration has given up all negotiating leverage with Iran. Still seeking to reenter or renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal, the US is left with no bargaining chips. We cannot threaten to impose sanctions because Iran is ignoring them any way (and Biden’s team does nothing). We can’t work toward a longer “breakout” window because Iran has stalled talks long enough to be at the threshold. We can threaten military action, but don’t have the courage or the chutzpah (Hebrew for audacity) to stand toe-to-toe with a weaker country and dictate outcomes.
  • The Iranian people have benefited very little, if any, from increased reserves. Rather, the increased reserves go straight to Iran’s nuclear program, bolstering military presence in Syria, or supplying terror proxies with advanced weaponry with which to attack Israel. Meanwhile, more and more Iranian people find themselves living in poverty. (It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that revival is spreading like wildfire throughout Iran! How is that for a silver lining!)
  • Emboldened by US weakness, Hezbollah has become solidly entrenched in Lebanon as the Iranian-back de facto leaders in that country. Hezbollah has illegally shipped in Iranian oil, despite the sanctions still in place to cut off Iran’s outlets. Hezbollah rules, while Iran ships in military equipment, munitions and weaponry intended to be used against Israel.

Make no mistake: Despite the current American catastrophe, the US military is still the best in the world, and America is still the most blessed nation on the planet. (Otherwise, why are record numbers of people still trying to come here!) But, perhaps very soon, America will meet her demise, short of a major move of God. I believe He is capable, but Bible prophecy is clear that Israel will, one day, stand all alone. In that day, the Lord Himself will rise to her defense! (Read Ezekiel 38-39!)

I am a grateful American and I acknowledge the goodness, grace and pure blessing God has poured out upon our nation. But we, as a society, have shaken our fist in the face of God and Scripture teaches us that God’s hand of protection leaves those who mock Him and turn Him away (Galatians 6:7-8). Presently, we have an administration hellbent on destroying our great Constitutional Republic. I am in the fight to the end, but I realize the end will one day come.

Can our generation hold the line? Or are we the generation that shall not pass away until Jesus appears to snatch us away into the clouds? (Matthew 24:32-35) I’ll plan and work as though the former is true, but will live as though the latter is true! Jesus could come at any moment.

Are. You. Ready?

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