Joshua Aaron Coming to Worship in Arizona, California and Pennsylvania!

If you’re into Messianic worship music and live in Pennsylvania, Arizona or California, I’ve got good news for you! Joshua Aaron is coming next week!

He is an award-winning American-Israeli worship leader, living near the Sea of Galilee in Israel, but is headed to the US. He will lead in praise and worship in Pennsylvania on Saturday, November 13, before moving on to Arizona next Thursday and Friday nights (November 18 and 19). He winds up a busy week in Southern California on Saturday and Sunday, November 20-21.

Joshua Aaron is a high-energy guy whose music, in mixes of Hebrew and English, will draw you into the presence of the Lord for sweet worship. I plan to join in worship with brothers and sisters at Calvary Church, Black Canyon City on Thursday night and I hope to see my Arizona friends there. Check out details of all events here, and make plans to attend:

If you are unfamiliar with Joshua Aaron, here is perhaps his most recognized worship song. Enjoy!

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