Our Friends at One for Israel Need Your Prayers

The long arm of big tech has reached into Israel and now threatens to shut down One for Israel’s video presence. OFI is a ministry of native-born Israelis who know Jesus as Messiah, reaching into the Jewish and Arab communities with the Gospel. Their internet presence is massive. Since 2015, their Hebrew language videos have been viewed a whopping 40 million times – over 500,000 views per month! To put that in perspective, there are only about 15 million Jews in the world (almost half of them in Israel). Additionally, about half a million subscribers have viewed videos over 200 million times on their English YouTube channel.

But, alas, a group of Orthodox Jews has sued Google/YouTube and One for Israel because their videos caused one of their family members to believe in Jesus. Google seems to have caved, and now, it is apparently up to an Orthodox Jewish judge in Israel to determine if that is against the law! Read more here, and find out specifically how to pray for One for Israel and their legal team:

You may or may not know that Israel College of the Bible, OFI’s parent ministry, coordinates our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS. Thus, this hits very close to home for those of us who have been blessed by those ministries.

May God grant them great favor as they defend freedom of religion and freedom of speech, both of which exist legally in Israel. Please pray!

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