HUGE BREAKTHROUGH! DC Judge Protects Our Military

Just days ago, we discovered that the Biden administration was set to expel Navy SEALs and other military personnel from our armed forces for refusal to take the vaccine. That was a call to action for people across our great country, and a call to Christians to pray. Some of you joined the multitudes petitioning God to protect our SEALs and the rest of the military from tyrannical demands that totally destroy the freedoms given to us by Christ, and for which they fight so valiantly.

Good news! A DC judge has issued a temporary restraining order preventing military personnel, and citizens in general, from losing their jobs due to their refusal to take the vaccine! True, this is not a permanent fix, but it is a step in the right direction.

Read more about that here:

I am encouraged by the groundswell that is happening as Christians and non-Christians alike stand up for our God-given rights and freedoms. No, it’s not yet what it should be, but momentum is growing and believers are beginning to occupy till Jesus comes!

A frontline fighter encouraging Christians to stand firmly on God’s Word while fighting is Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills CA. Here was his post on Telegram a day or two ago:

Hold your ground American!
The United States Constitution’s, First Amendment trumps all other political parties, politicians, rules, orders, mandates, or any other act of tyranny.
Do not surrender your job because of their threats. God has given you your employment and your vocation and you are to fight to keep it.
Do not give up and do not forfeit your calling as an American and as a Christian to protect the rights that the Lord has given us in this great nation.
Fight for your family. Fight for your freedom and fight for the liberty that allows you to publicly proclaim your faith in Jesus Christ.
And to all the pastors, priests and religious leaders – you should be leading the way for your flock and to be defending them every way you possibly can, and if need be with your very life. Show them what courage looks like and what faith looks like. It is in times like these that leaders are made or proven or defined, or qualified or exposed to be anything but the leader we assumed to be.
“We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy of its aid and protection.” – – Samuel Adams

~Telegram, RealJackHibbs

I agree! We must fight for the God-given rights our government is trying to take away. To think we can live out our Christian life everywhere except in civil affairs is just not Biblical. It doesn’t mean we must get into the dirty fray that is politics, but it does mean we stand on our Christian morals and values, even in the public square.

Interestingly, on a jog around my neighborhood last night, I ran upon a large gathering at a small neighborhood park. Unsure of what was taking place, I initially ignored the noise and ruckus coming from the far end of the park. However, when I got closer, I realized I was witnessing a group of parents taking a stand for their children! They had just been kicked out of a school building, but had set up shop in the adjoining public park to discuss and mobilize to defend their rights as parents to determine whether or not their children should be masked and vaccinated.

Finally, the liberal left has pushed the one button that causes Americans to rise up! The momma bears and poppa bears were out in force and it was a sight to see. There were local elected officials there, and plans were being made to fight the nonsense! Kudos to my neighborhood for taking a stand…at least at that one elementary school!

Get in the game, friends! Pray to our Father in heaven who grants us the power to overcome, and don’t be afraid to get involved! Let your elected officials know your position, show up at school board and city council meetings, learn about strong conservative candidates running for office and support them!

America may or may not be beyond the point of no return, but we have an obligation as Christians to occupy till He returns. Let’s give it our best shot to make America Godly again!

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