Candice Owens and Jack Hibbs Discuss America’s Founding Values, Hypocrisy and a Call to the Church

Can America ever be Godly again?

We seem to forget that our nation was founded on Christian principles by men and women who left their homeland to establish a country where those principles would become reality. The liberal left have waged war for years, attempting to erase and re-write America’s history, and unfortunately, they have had some success.

How long? How long will we remain silent while evil continues to roll through our population? When will we forsake the things of this world to become purveyors of truth rather than consumers of lies? When will America’s churches rise up? When will pastors throw off hesitations and hindrances and “get down to business” teaching the truth of God’s Word? When will we as believers begin to live out our faith in every area of life?

When we become more convinced of the truth of God’s Word than the humanistic and materialistic offerings of this world!

Out of the vault comes a very apropos discussion between Candice Owens and Pastor Jack Hibbs. I urge you to find 45 minutes this weekend to listen in to their conversation regarding America’s founding values, hypocrisy, and an urgent call to the church. America CAN be Godly again, but we must turn the ship. You will be highly encouraged and appropriately challenged! Give it a listen!

PS: Time is a valuable resource! Try using drive time to listen to encouraging content such as this. It is a great way to learn new things or to be encouraged while still paying attention to the road, and it provides value to time spent in the car!

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