Are You in a Season of Spiritual Drought?

Hi friends! I believe there is a word of encouragement for someone today.

Even well-grounded believers seem to be in a battle to find spiritual equilibrium these days. Long church closures threw us for a loop, we had to learn to do church online for a season (some longer than others), and when we returned, church was different than it was when we left!

It seems Satan continues to leverage COVID for all it is worth (and then some). For some, our wells are running dry. For others, the ground is totally parched and we struggle just to look to Jesus each day. For some, the spring is beginning to flow once more.

Regardless of the situation in which you find yourself, spiritual drought is a real threat to us at various seasons in our Christian life. Whether or not you are in a season of spiritual drought right now, I hope you will meditate on this devotional truth because if you are not in a drought, one will eventually come. May you always be prepared for it, and may you find the fountain of Living Water to be all sufficient for every need!

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