Pompeo Delivers the Message of “Peace through Strength” in Jerusalem

Hello friends! Yesterday we got a glimpse of the 1-year celebration of the Abraham Accords. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on hand to accept the first “Peace through Strength Award” from former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who has now founded and opened the Friedman Center For Peace Through Strength.

Upon accepting the award, Pompeo took the podium to share the central thesis of the Trump administration’s “peace through strength” initiative. How were they able to accomplish what no one before them could, namely, convince moderate Arab countries to make peace with Israel? Find out here:

Pompeo continues to be a stable, commanding voice for foreign policy that made and kept America great on the world stage. Expect him to show up in the next administration, should Republicans win the 2024 election. Who knows…Pompeo could be our next president, and he would wear the mantle well!

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