Gazing into the Setting of Ezekiel 38

If prophecy is a calendar, Ezekiel 36-39 is the monthly page we live in right now! Chapters 36-37 describe God’s preparation of the land and the Jews’ return to it, beginning in the late 1800’s. Israel was reborn as a nation on May 14, 1948, which opened the door for groundwork to be laid for the fulfillment of many end time prophecies.

Ezekiel 38-39 describes a key prophecy that is set up to occur at literally any time! That prophecy describes a group of nations that will one day invade Israel from the north. The ancient names are listed in Scripture, but the modern nations are Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan and Libya.

In today’s tour, we have been to the Golan Heights. It is from here those invaders will ultimately come, and amazingly, Russia, Iran and Turkey each have very significant presence in Syria, just across the border from Israel’s Golan Heights! (Sudan and Libya are both currently known for terrorist training camps and even weapons storage. They will definitely play a part in that invasion some day soon!)

However, today Israel’s military capability is strong and, until the current administration, the US has staunchly stood as a strong ally of Israel. We are still a strong ally, but the current administration is showing weakness and, thus, Israel is about to be left standing alone. But until then, visiting the Golan is one of the most fascinating places on earth! I hope you enjoy today’s second feature, including the Golan, Caesarea Philippi and an olive factory

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