“If We Won’t, Who Will?”…Rock the Boat!

I want to harken back to the Pray Vote Stand Summit because there were many very needful messages of instruction and encouragement. Ones we need to hear if we are committed to fight for our nation.

We are in critical times and I believe Christians are at a crossroads. Will we turn to the Lord and ask Him to guide us and our nation, or will we remain silent, forsaking the Lord and simply accept the evil that is happening in our nation and our world today? Those are the choices! Where will you stand?

Civic responsibility belongs to us as believers. We cannot carve out our Christianity from certain elements of life and society. Did you know the Bible instructs us in how to be involved in government and civic activity?

That’s the topic of today’s 20-minute encouragement from Pastor Gary Hamrick at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg VA. Every believer in America would be well-served to hear the Biblical principles that apply to government.


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