God is Moving Through Arab and Palestinian Pastors and Congregations!

One of the most astounding experiences on EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS is seeing how God is moving among Jews, Arabs and Palestinians in Israel! Few are aware of the magnificent work being done there, and we were able to plug our hearts and minds right into the midst of it!

Israel College of the Bible is training up Messianic Jews and born again Arabs and Palestinians to be pastors and church leaders in the land of Israel and beyond! Believe me, there is nothing like an on-fire Arab or Palestinian pastors who love their people, but who also love Israel and Israel’s Messiah! You met Pastor Saleem Shalash and you will briefly meet Pastor Ziad Bannoura, a Paslestinian pastor in Bethlehem today. (You’ll hear more about him later!)

As you enjoy today’s post, please immerse yourself into the setting and allow the love of Jesus to leap from your heart for these men of God, teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a very difficult place to do so!

Are you ready for the journey? Jump on the bus, ’cause we’re headed that way!

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