From Worship to the Hands and Feet of Jesus

Good morning virtual tour friends! If you wonder why some sites are repeated, but with additional information, that is because there wasn’t time during our tour for me to get everything written and posted to a blog! Thus, immediately after the trip, I went back to insert additional details. That is the case with this post!

Earlier, we visited Baptist Village to experience worship with believers from around the world. A different day, we also experienced what would become a highlight of the tour…we met a Holocaust survivor, heard her story, and spent time being the hands and feet of Jesus as we poured out our love to Rita! So, we’re backtracking a bit because I want you to get the full impact!

One of the things that set EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS apart from all the rest is the amount of engagement we enjoy while in Israel. Our tours are a day longer than normal, giving us time to not only see all the major sites, but also spend time with Messianic congregations, Israel College of the Bible, Holocaust survivors, IDF soldiers (stay tuned for that!) and Palestinian and Arab pastors (that’s coming up, too!) Some people see Israel…we EXPERIENCE ISRAEL!

So, climb aboard the bus and let’s do it!

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