Worship with Believers in Israel, Israel College of the Bible and Caesarea Maritima

There is a little-known Baptist encampment in Israel that draws worshippers from around the world, including local Messianic Jews! Experiencing worship there and meeting brothers and sisters we will likely never see again this side of heaven was an incredible blessing. My prayer is for you to be able to “put yourself there” and enjoy the experience with us.

We’ll also visit Israel College of the Bible, part of the ministry of One for Israel, a ministry of Jewish believers evangelizing and educating their fellow countrymen! It is an incredible ministry and I encourage you to check them out!

Then, it’s on to Caesarea Maritima (Caesarea by the Sea), the site of one of Herod’s magnificent palaces. Some pretty special events took place at Caesarea, including the Gospel first going out to the Gentiles!

We’ve made room for you, so jump on the bus with us and let’s go!

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