Bonus Content: Meet a Jewish Evangelist in Israel

Hey travel friends, we’ve got bonus content today! Earlier today we visited (virtually, of course!) One for Israel, and their sister organization, Israel College of the Bible. You may or may not know that our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS are coordinated by Israel College of the Bible! Through OFI/ICB, I have learned to love and appreciate the ministry and the staff. One for Israel is an Israeli-based, Messianic Jewish-led evangelism ministry to their own countrymen!

The reach goes deep and includes ministry to both Jews and Arabs, focusing on proclaiming the Gospel! Per capita, no one on earth has more electronic devices than Israelis, thus, literally millions of testimony videos have been viewed, in Hebrew, by Israelis!

Israel College of the Bible trains up pastors and ministry leaders to lead congregations in Israel and throughout the world. (You will meet some of them on this tour!) I have taken several classes online and can attest to the fantastic quality of their courses.

So, today I want to introduce you to Anastasia, a graduate of Israel College of the Bible, and now the Art Director for One for Israel. She and her team are the creative minds behind OFI’s vast video productions, and Anastasia is a powerful voice in Israel.

Hear how Anastasia met her Messiah, and get a glimpse into the incredible work being done by One for Israel! Enjoy!

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