Messianic Worship, Israel College of the Bible and Caesarea Maritima

Wow, what a day!

Messianic worship at Baptist Village

We began the day at a retreat-type encampment known as Baptist Village, where we met believers from all over the world, gathered to worship the Jewish Messiah together. What a sweet time of worship and an excellent message from a Jewish perspective.

That was followed by a visit to One for Israel, the ministry through whom we booked our tour.

Examining an ancient scroll at Israel College of the Bible

We were blessed to see and hear about their evangelical mission to share the Gospel with Jewish people. They have an internet outreach, including many fantastic teachings, an incredible library of testimonies of those who have met the Messiah, and a top quality Bible college. Pray for them as they continue teaching out to the Jewish community.

We also toured Carsarea Maritima, a city known for extensive Herodian construction, including a theater, a hippodrome, and an opulent palace.

Our guide, Aly, describing the ancient port at Caeserea
Amphitheater at Caeserea
Ruins of King Herod’s palace

Much has been developed since my last time onsite at Caesarea, so it was fascinating to see.

Before heading to our hotel for the evening, we made a stop at the aqueduct to play in the Mediterranean Sea. It was a huge hit, as we laughed and frolicked like much younger people as we splashed in the waves and tried to frame the best pictures in the sunset! Also, much has been said regarding Israel’s gas well off the coast of Haifa. Look carefully below and you will see it through an arch of the aquaduct.

Our group enjoying warm coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea
Aquaduct at Caesarea (Gas well on the background)
Sunset at the aquaduct in Caesarea

The day ended with a teaching from Acts 10 and rejoicing over the message of the Gospel going out to the Gentiles for the first time…right there in Caesarea!

It was an incredible day! Thanks for taking the journey with us! Lord willing, more tomorrow!

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