One Incredible Day!

There is not time to adequately describe all we experienced on Sunday. All I can say is “Wow!”

Rita, a Holocaust survivor, tells her story

We began the day at the Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors, where we heard about the mission of sharing the love of Christ with those who survived the most atrocious persecution in history. Then, we met Rita, a Holocaust survivor. This beautiful, sweet woman shared her amazing story, using her artwork to describe what it was like to be in hiding from Nazi soldiers. She amazed us with her grace and ability to articulate. Our visit there was incredibly moving.

Ramat David Air Force Base, on one of the clearest days I have seen at Carmel.

That was followed by a visit to Mt Carmel (actually a ridge), at which we studied God’s Word together and enjoyed the 360 degree panoramic view from a rooftop platform. Down below, we saw the Jezreel Valley where the armies of the world will gather for the tribulation-ending battle of Armageddon . Today, the Ramat David airbase lies in the Jezreel Valley and can be clearly seen in the photo above.

Tasty roadside fare from the Druze community.

Our group was treated to authentic Druze fare of fire-roasted, thinly rolled pita with goat cheese, followed by Nutella-filled pita.

An ancient altar at Megiddo

We proceeded to Megiddo for a look at the mound of 25 civilizations, including altars, Solomon’s stables, and the steep walk down the modern stairway through the ancient water tunnel.

Pastor John teaching on Mt Precipice
Pastor Saleem Shalash, an Arab who loves Jesus and Israel!

Following a brief stop and teaching at the Mt of Precipice in Nazareth, we had our second very moving experience of the day. Saleem Shalash is an Arab pastor of an Arab congregation in Nazareth. Saleem loves Jesus as deeply as anyone you’ve ever met! We heard his powerful testimony of how he came to Christ, how greatly he loves Israel, and how powerfully the Lord is moving in the midst of his congregation. It was absolutely amazing!

Pastor Saleem and his congregation are reaching countless Arabs and Jews! (Yes, an Arab believer in the Jewish Yashua can bring a Jewish person to Yeshua!) It is no coincidence that God is expanding the ministry given to Saleem. His church in Nazareth is out of space and, for the third time they are trusting the Lord for provision. This time, property of their own! He shared about a meeting he has tomorrow to discuss a possible property, with already a miracle in the making.

We prayed with and for Pastor Saleem, and will do so again tomorrow at 3:00 as he meets to discuss the possible miraculous provision God is preparing. (They are negotiating a $10M property for only thousands. Pray!)

Dinner at Maagen Holiday Village, our home for the next 3 nights!

We’ve now checked into our hotel in the Galilee, the beautiful Maagan Holiday Village. It is a resort on the Sea of Galilee and we can’t wait to see it in the daytime! Meanwhile, off to get a good night’s sleep!

Thanks for following, and I pray it has been a blessing to you!

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