Where is This?

It's in the beautiful heartland of Israel, and is a famous Biblical place in end times prophecy. We'll see this area from several different perspectives on our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, launching October 2, 2021! Come along on a trip of a lifetime!

Tour Rewind: Carmel, Megiddo, Nazareth

Moving up the Mediterranean Coast and slightly inland, we arrived at the Carmel Range. Upon what is called Mt Carmel, 1 Kings 18 records Elijah's confrontation of the prophets of Baal. In the days of Elijah, the wicked king Ahab ruled, and had ushered in idol worship. At God's command, a contest ensued to determine …

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One Incredible Day!

There is not time to adequately describe all we experienced on Sunday. All I can say is "Wow!" Rita, a Holocaust survivor, tells her story We began the day at the Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors, where we heard about the mission of sharing the love of Christ with those who survived the most atrocious …

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Revisiting Mt Carmel and Megiddo

Welcome back friends! I am so excited about our Israel trip in November, and yesterday I shared a "revisit" of the Mount of Olives (from a previous visit). Today, I'll do the same with two other sites with great Biblical significance. Mt Carmel and Tel Megiddo are two of those places! Perhaps this map helps provide …

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