Will America Make it Out of Crisis? (Part 1)

Hi friends! With the 20th anniversary of 911 fresh in memory and America currently mired in the aftermath of defeat in Afghanistan, we are reminded afresh of the vulnerability of any nation whose hope in the Lord is absent or in decline. As America turns her back on Israel, and as we burn our Christian foundation to the ground, it begs the question of whether or not America can recover. The good news is this: the hope of America, and indeed the world, is in Jesus Christ alone, and we find assurance and peace in Him.

Today and tomorrow, I’m sharing vital resources that help us understand where America is, and what the prospects are of making it out of the multiple crises we face. So here is what’s coming today and tomorrow:

  • Today, a link to 911: A 20-Year Retrospective, an excellent seminar hosted by Michele Bachman a few days ago. The all-day seminar is broken down into interviews and discussions with many who are highly informed and involved in discovering and understanding exactly what took place on September 11, 2001. It includes commentary from people such as former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former NYC Police Commissioner (on 911) Bernie Kerik, and a bevy of other military, government and security officials. Bill Federer also provides an excellent history of Islam and what makes it so dangerous.
  • Tomorrow, a link to a special program providing an interesting perspective on when Islam initially became a threat to America. You will likely be surprised!

So, enjoy snippets of the interviews today, and come back tomorrow for a fantastic look at America’s long-standing struggle with radical Islam!

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